Globalstar Satellite Phones

Globalstar provides satellite voice and data services in North America and to over 120 countries. The Globalstar constellation is made up of 40 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. The Globalstar satellites are basic “bent pipe” repeaters. The network includes ground gateway stations which provide connectivity from the constellation to the public switched telephone network and the Internet.

Voice and data satellite service is provided through mobile, handheld and fixed satellite units meeting the needs of business and recreational users. The voice and data service is for customers traveling or operating where cellular service is poor or nonexistent and/or landline service is unavailable. Globalstar customers include public safety organizations, natural resource companies, commercial fishermen, government employees, utility companies, recreational and travel customers, military as well as consumers needing a solution for remote or emergency communication. In emergency situations caused by hurricanes, terrorism or blackouts Globalstar satellite service provides voice and data service when the local telephone infrastructure has been disrupted.

Globalstar’s North American operations are responsible for the distribution and sales of Globalstar products and services nationwide. Globalstar has a network of over 340 distribution points across North America including satellite and radio communication dealers and wireless provider outlets as well as distributors specializing in vertical markets.

Globalstar plans to launch a second generation satellite constellation in the second half of 2009 to improve voice and provide larger bandwidth for their data services.